Walnut Jam Frosted Thumbprints

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Food styling and photo by Orange Piggy © Sarah Phillips
Tami Says: "I have always made these cookies at Christmas and for Weddings. Not a lot of people like the jelly filled jewels, and neither did I, but I always made them for those who do.

Then, a customer requested that I make thumbprints, but instead of putting jelly in the impression, she asked if I could pipe a swirl of buttercream on the top. So I did, and naturally I had to have a taste. Oh, it was good! And another form of thumbprint was born, no jelly, just icing. After another year, when it came to bake again for the Holidays, I tried another new idea. I melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips and spooned some into the impressions. After baking, I piped the icing on the top, and they were even better! The sweet icing compliments the shortbread, and then the chocolate surprise is wonderful! I usually sprinkle chocolate jimmies on the top to hint at the chocolate inside.

What kind of icing?  I just use my regular buttercream, you can use what ever is your favorite, or simply make a small batch with 1/4 cup shortening, 1/4 cup butter, a pinch of salt, about 2 cups of powdered sugar and a little milk to soften the consistency. With a pastry bag and an open star tube, pipe a little rosette on top of the cooled cookie. Sprinkle with "jimmies" or non-pareils.

And, in my opinion, the cookies with the icing just taste better about 2 days later, after they have sat out in the open air. The buttercream crusts and is soft inside and the cookie is firm, and it's just plain good. Bring on the milk!"

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