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Sometimes you need a certain ingredient, an odd-sized baking pan, or the perfect piping tip to put the finishing touch on your baking masterpiece. Here, we’ve compiled our favorite sources for specialty ingredients from around the world; pans, dishes, mixers and other baking equipment; and all sorts of decorating tools.

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AFTELIER PERFUMES (Chef’s Essences) www.aftelier.com 510-841-2111
ALBERT USTER IMPORTS (cobasan) www.auiswiss.com 800-231-8154
AMERICAN ALMOND PRODUCTS (praline paste, almond paste) www.americanalmond.com
AMERICAN SPOON (preserves, fruit butters, and syrups) www.spoon.com 888-735-6700
BAKELS (rolled fondant) www.bakels.com
BELLA VIVA ORCHARDS (certified organic dried fruit and nuts) www.bellaviva.com/ 209-883-9015
BESSIE UNBLEACHED PASTRY FLOUR (specialty flours) www.thebirkettmills.com 315-536-3311
BOYAJIAN (citrus oils) www.boyajianinc.com 800-965-0665
CHEFSHOP.COM (vanilla and almond extracts; citrus oils) www.chefshop.com 800-596-0885
THE CHEFS’ WAREHOUSE (specialty baking ingredients) www.chefswarehouse.com 718-842-8700
CHOCOSPHERE (chocolate) www.chocosphere.com 877-992-4626
COCO SAVVY (crystallized flowers) www.cocosavvy.com 619-985-7161
CROSSINGS (vanilla extract) www.crossingsfinefoods.com 800-209-6141
EASY LEAF PRODUCTS (edible gold and silver leaf) www.easyleaf.com 800-569-5323
EDIBLE GOLD www.ediblegold.com 415-407-5097
FLAVORGANICS (peppermint and other organic extracts) www.flavorganics.com 866-972-6879
GUITTARD (chocolate) www.guittard.com 800-468-2462
HAWAIIAN VANILLA COMPANY (vanilla extract, powder, and beans) www.hawaiianvanilla.com 808-776-1771
HEILALA VANILLA (vanilla extract, powder, and beans) www.heilalavanilla.com
INDIA TREE (Muscovado and powdered cane sugar) www.indiatree.com 800-369-4848
KALUSTYAN’S (pistachios, dried fruit) www.kalustyans.com 800-352-3451
KEENAN FARMS (pistachios) www.keenanpistachio.com 559-945-1400
KING ARTHUR FLOUR (bread flour and dry milk powder) www.kingarthurflour.com 800-827-6836
LA CUISINE (specialty flours, sugars, and flavorings) www.lacuisineus.com 800-521-1176
LUCKS (food decorating supplies) www.lucks.com 800-426-9778
MAISON GLASS (praline paste) www.maisonglass.com 800-822-5564
NIELSEN-MASSEY (almond extract, vanilla extract, and vanilla bean paste) www.nielsenmassey.com 800-525-7873
N.Y. CAKE (cake decorating and baking supplies) www.nycake.com 800-942-2539
PARIS GOURMET (specialty foods) www.parisgourmet.com, www.chocolatecrafter.com 800-727-8791
PASTRY CHEF CENTRAL (candied orange peel and rolled fondant) www.pastrychef.com 888-750-2433
PENZEYS SPICES (flavorings, spices, and herbs) www.penzeys.com 800-741-7787
THE PEPPERMILL (kosher gourmet foods) www.thepeppermillinc.com 866-871-4022
THE PERFECT PURÉE OF NAPA VALLEY (fruit purees) www.perfectpuree.com 800-556-3707
PFEIL & HOLING (cake decorating supplies) www.cakedeco.com 800-247-7955
SAFEST CHOICE (pasteurized eggs in the shell) www.safeeggs.com 800-410-7619
SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY (gourmet honey, especially Tupelo Honey) www.savannahbee.com 1-800-955-5080
SCHARFFEN BERGER (chocolate) www.scharffenberger.com 866-608-6944
SWANS DOWN CAKE FLOUR www.reilyproducts.com 800-535-1961
TAAM TOV FOODS (kosher chocolate) 718-788-8880 ext. 127
VALRHONA (chocolate) www.valrhona-chocolate.com 888-682-5746
THE VANILLA COMPANY (vanilla extract and vanilla powder) www.vanillaqueen.com 800-757-7511
VITAL CHOICE (organic nuts) www.vitalchoice.com 800-608-4825
WILLIAMS - SONOMA (food, ingredients, etc.) www.williams-sonoma.com 877-812-6235
WILTON (cake decorating supplies and ideas) www.wilton.com 800-794-5866


ANKARSRUM (the Assistent mixer) www.ankarsrumoriginalusa.com 770-516-5000
BROADWAY PANHANDLER (baking pans, gadgets, measuring and decorating tools) www.broadwaypanhandler.com 866-266-5927
BRØD & TAYLOR (electric home proofer) www.brodandtaylor.com 800-768-7064
CDN (thermometers and timers) www.cdnw.com 800-338-5594
CHEF’SCHOICE (cutlery and sharpeners) www.chefschoice.com 800-342-3255
CHICAGO METALLIC (cake, pie, and bread pans) www.chicagometallicbakeware.com 800-272-0225
CUISINART (food processors and mixers) www.cuisinart.com 800-726-0190
ESCALI (digital scales) www.escali.com 800-467-6408
FAT DADDIO’S (baking pans and related equipment) www.fatdaddios.com 866-418-9001
FANTE’S KITCHEN SHOP (baking pans, gadgets, and tools) www.fantes.com 800-443-2683
JB PRINCE (Baking and pastry tools, including balloon whisks) www.jbprince.com 800-473-0577
KALUSTYAN’S (Kitchen gadgets, including coconut grater) www.kalustyans.com 800-352-3451
KITCHENAID (heavy-duty stand mixers, food processors, immersion blenders) www.kitchenaid.com 800-541-6390
LAPRIMA SHOPS (Rose’s Perfect Pie Plate and Rose’s Heavenly Cake Strips) www.laprimashops.com
LEHMAN’S (Roma Food Mill) www.lehmans.com 888-438-5346
MAGIC SLICE (MAGIC DOUGH PASTRY MAT) www.magicslice.com 630-543-0501
N.Y. CAKE (cake and baking supplies, including silicone molds, silicone and other spatulas) www.nycake.com 800-942-2539
NEWMETRO DESIGN www.newmetrodesign.com 800-624-1526
NORDIC WARE (bakeware, including fluted and straight sided tube pans) www.nordicware.com 877-466-7342
OMEGA (thermocouple oven thermometers and probes such as model HH22) www.omega.com 888-826-6342
PARRISH (baking pans, including tube pans with removable bottoms and springforms; Icing Blades; wire cake testers) 800-736-8443
PASTRY CHEF CENTRAL (pastry, bread, and cake making equipment, including molds, rings, pastry bags and tips) www.pastrychef.com 888-750-2433
POURFECT (cup and spoon measures, mixing bowls) www.pourfectbowl.com 480-699-6458
PYREX (ovenproof glass measures, pie plates, mixing bowls) www.pyrexware.com 800-999-3436
QUALITÁ PAPER PRODUCTS (disposable muffin cups and other paper baking products) www.qualitapaper.com 714-540-1077
ROSE LEVY BAKEWARE (custom bakeware, including Rose’s Heavenly Cake Strips, Rose Perfect Pie Plate) www.realbakingwithrose.com
STRETCH-TITE (plastic food and freezer wrap) www.stretchtite.com 800-343-6134
THERMOWORKS (Thermapen, instant-read, and infrared thermometers) www.thermoworks.com 800-393-6434
USA PAN (bread and baking pans) www.usapans.com 724-457-4225
WILLIAMS - SONOMA (baking pans, equipment, supplies) www.williams-sonoma.com 877-812-6235
WILTON (cake decorating, baking pans, and other cake baking supplies) www.wilton.com 800-794-5866

List adapted from (and added to by me) Beranbaum, Rose Levy (2014-10-28; ). The Baking Bible (Kindle Locations 17582-17588; 18131-18165). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition. 

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