The site (formerly contains thousands of pages of unique content and research. Most of the recipes are presented in step-by-step fashion, accompanied with up to over a hundred color photographs, with detailed and the hows and whys of baking information included.

"I joined this site after I tried few of Sarah’s recipes. My advice to everyone is, DO NOT waste your money on books. This site has it all: knowledge and expertise.

The hardest thing you will have to do is to choose which recipe to make, but ones you do, and you follow the recipe to a tick, you can be assured the result to be exactly what it claims to be."

Learn there for you to use as a baking resource and online textbook. It was written after years of research and personal experience by Sarah Phillips. She is a well-known recipe developer and baking innovator, a cookbook author, was a baking mix manufacturer, and has taken extensive classes at the Culinary Institute of America, the French Culinary Institute and Institute for Culinary education all in New York - from some of the best in the field - in all aspects of baking, chocolate, cake decorating, bread making, and candy.

Contains hundreds and hundreds of custom baking recipes, developed by professional baker, Sarah Phillips. The section grows every month, with newly added ones. 

We discovered a long ago that recipes on the internet and in cookbooks today are written with inadequate information so you are bound to fail; either enough information is not included, the way to measure the flour is buried somewhere in the front or back or the book, or not enough technical details are included. 

We were one of the first to change that, long ago, starting in 2000, with our recipes. Most of ours are in tutorial style with step-by-step recipe instruction with accompanying color photos, sometimes with over 50 per recipe. The recipes use everyday ingredients, and are developed with the homebaker in mind.  

Plus, you have the ability to ask questions with each recipe and get answers from the expert baker and recipe moderator, Sarah Phillips, with participation from a baking community.

Sarah Phillips and members provide online PERSONALIZED HELP and we find you complete answers to ANY BAKING QUESTION you may have. Sarah Phillips is a cookbook author and well-recognized expert in the field, who has been helping home and professional bakers for over 20 years.

...always keeps you up-to-date on current happenings in the baking world or something Sarah or a member has to report on! Check back here often.

How To A-Z
Need to know how to temper chocolate and the best mixing methods? Our How To section will almost certainly have an answer.

Terms A-Z
Never stay stumped by a baking term again. My Baking Terms are as pertinent as they are comprehensive.

How Baking Works
How does each baking ingredient affect a recipe? How do I make my cakes fluffier? Should I add extra eggs? Find out how each baking ingredient plays a role in baking.

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