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Bluebird French Macarons or Macaron Pops RecipeWe have a certain "Crafty Baking" Style. We like to invent and create innovative baking and decorating recipe tutorials for cakes to cookies, and more; from using edible flowers, natural food dyes or a minimal use of, tinting the dough and creating designs before or after it bakes, using dough to embellish designs and patterns, and creating specific recipes that will work with these applications and not fail. In addition, we pipe icing onto sugar cookies and make elaborate layer cakes, but not overly decorated so you cannot eat them.

But our main goal , besides making a baked good visually attractive, is to make sure it has a great taste and texture, beautiful color, is easy to compose, smells good, and has a crackly, crispy, smooth, tender or appropriate mouthfeel when eaten. We want something that you'll make over and over, again. We hope that you will expand your creative horizons with us.  

Here, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks on working with frostings and glazes, piping techniques, making crystallized flowers and candied citrus, and a whole lot more, including our innovative inventions for decorating baked goods. We have even included tips for decorating bread, chocolatepastry, pies and tarts. There's more in the How To Section of this website, and more Recipes.

If you ever have a question, come talk to us and other members in the CraftyBaking Community. We would love to help! 

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