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Cake Pops 101

Cake pops or cake scraps mixed with frosting, otherwise known as Cake Balls, that are shaped into...Read More

Coffee Syrup

This simple syrup is easy to make and a great way to flavor desserts and baked goods. We use it to...Read More


photo by Sarah Phillips © Sarah Phillips photo by Sarah Phillips © Sarah Phillips I...Read More


Variation: Hearts and Strawberry Roses Charlotte - uses Heart Ladyfingers Ladyfingers and photo by...Read More

Lemon Glaze

Lemon cake food styling and photos by odetteganda © Sarah Phillips  odetteganda, Premium...Read More

Lemon Mousse

Did you know that a mousse is a modern day version of pudding? This recipe has an especially smooth...Read More

Lime Curd

This Lime Curd Recipe is really zesty. It makes a stunning appearance in my Mojito Roulade (Jelly...Read More


Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur that is traditionally made from the peel of Femminello St....Read More

Loving Cups

Loving Cups are nested tuile cookie cups filled with White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse, topped...Read More


Variations: Basic Genoise Cake Tutorial; Bittersweet Chocolate Madeleines; Lemon-Poppy Seed...Read More

Mango Mousse

We use this fresh mango recipe with the Glazed Mango Mousse Cake Recipe. This is a great recipe to...Read More


Our marzipan covered Princess Cream Cake (Prinsessins Kramkake) Recipe! We also use this recipe...Read More

Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is a pull apart bread baked in a tube pan with the pieces drenched in a caramel-like...Read More

Orange Curd

SARAH SAYS: "I created this recipe to use in my Vanilla Orange Frozen Yogurt Push Up Pops Recipe....Read More

Paris Brest

Classically French, this showstopper of a dessert is comprised of a large ring of airy pâte...Read More


Variation: Coconut Pizzelles Photo from I love pizzelles! They are a traditional...Read More


Variation: Rainbow Vegetable Tiam HUSBANDS THAT COOK SAY: Ratafruitie has a graham cracker crust...Read More

Royal Icing

Kelly Says: "I like to use royal icing on sugar cookies, especially with Sarah's Creative...Read More


Stromboli is a type of turnover in which cheeses, meats, and/or vegetables, such as mozzarella,...Read More