Yorkshire Pudding

  • Serves: Makes about 8
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): Initially 450; then 400
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Cdnshaz, Premium Member Says: "...living in UK I got a couple of (these recipes)....It is best made a few hours in advance and let stand at room temperature."

SARAH SAYS: British roast beef wouldn't be complete without Yorkshire pudding, which is like a cross between a popover and a soufflé and not at all like a pudding. It's made with a batter of eggs, milk and flour, baked in beef drippings until puffy, crisp and golden brown. It may be prepared in a shallow baking dish, muffin tins or other small containers, or in the same pan as the roast. Like a hot soufflé, Yorkshire pudding will deflate shortly after it's removed from the oven. This specialty takes its name from England's northern county of Yorkshire.


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