Whole Wheat Parmesan Pizzelles

  • Serves: Makes 8, 5-inch Pizzelles
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Variations: Asian Whole Wheat Savory Pizzelles; Mexican Whole Wheat Savory Pizzelles

I decided to develop savory pizzelles. This took all of my food science knowledge to be able to develop this recipe properly; they are usually cookie-like sweet recipes. I wanted to develop a recipe without sugar, because this was to be a savory one. I also wanted to use white whole wheat flour, instead of all-purpose, which you can readily substitute in this recipe, if desired. White whole wheat flour can be difficult to use in a recipe such as this one, because it has a drying effect, and I worked hard on getting the right fat and water amounts in the recipe to help compensate. I wanted a recipe that browned nicely for appeal and flavor and had a slight crunch, but could still be molded.

I tried lots of existing savory pizzelle and none worked well to my liking; the dough was either too thick from too much flour or the recipe cracked endlessly when rolled. Also, the flavor was not present at all or they were too eggy. Some had some sugar in them which ruined the savory flavor. A few recipes did not brown at all, leaving a bland looking color. Others just did not work at all. I went through dozens and dozens of eggs testing recipes! 

I am proud of this recipe development, and I have also included my Grilled Chicken Salad Filling Recipe to make to stuff your pizzelles with.


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