Vanilla Scented Biscuit Roulade Cake

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Variation: Chocolate Cake Roll or Biscuit Roulade

Cake used with the Mojito Roulade or Jelly Roll Cake. Lots of zesty lime, a splash of rum with a touch of mint.

Cake used with the Strawberries and Cream Roulade or Jelly Roll Cake. Lots of fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

A jelly roll cake (American), also known as a biscuit roulade, roulade (Paupiette) or biscuit recipe (French) or Swiss Roll (English), is the name given to a light and delicate sponge cake that is baked in a sheet pan and then filled with another ingredient. It is then rolled into a tube-like or log shape and sliced to display the ingredients swirled into the rolled base of food. The best types of cakes used are foam cakes, such as a sponge, which is flexible enough to withstand being rolled without cracking. The Buche de Noel or Christmas Yule Log Cake, is a classic holiday cake, typically made from a Chocolate Cake Roll or Biscuit Roulade.

When you make this cake, try not to be distracted. You need to follow the steps one-right-after another to make the cake a success! Just ignor everything, unless it is a dire emergency....When I made this cake, when my kids' were younger, it never failed; it always seemed to be the perfect time they decided to punch each other and run around the kitchen fighting! Plus, of course, the UPS or FEDEX guy or someone else also rang the doorbell and the dogs started barking like crazy....But, the cake did turn out, nonetheless! (And, be creative if you happen to have any left-over rum and you are stuck home alone with the kids for a few more hours before hubby gets home...LOL!)

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