Triple Chocolate Raspberry Cake Roulade or Roll

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Fluffy chocolate whipped cream studded with tart-sweet raspberries is rolled up in a tender chocolate cake roulade, then enrobed with rich chocolate ganache and garnished with delicate white chocolate leaves and more raspberries in this showstopper of a dessert. It is perfect for a special occasion, especially if you or the person you are making it for is a chocoholic! Of course, rolling up a roulade filled with whipped cream and fruit can be tricky, so we'll show you the best way to fill a cake roll with fresh fruit.


When filling a cake roll with fresh fruit, such as raspberries, you don't want to overcrowd the filling. That's because you want the cake to roll up evenly. Place the raspberries in neat rows on top of the whipped cream, leaving the last 3 inches on the far side of the roll free of raspberries. The far side will be the last part rolled, so leaving it free of fruit will help keep it neat and the seam flat.

1 recipe Chocolate Cake Roll or Biscuit Roulade, unfilled; Complete recipe through Step II. Can be baked 1 or 2 days before, stored at room temperature, or frozen and thawed.
1 recipe Chocolate Whipped Cream, Optionally Stablized; stabilize the recipe 
1 12-ounce package of raspberries, washed and dried; See *NOTE 
1 recipe Simple Chocolate Ganache, Step-by-Step; Make in Step II
Make 14 White Chocolate Leaves from 4-ounces good quality white chocolate; see How to Make Chocolate Leaves
1 teaspoon honey, any flavor, optional

Cake Lifter Spatula, optional

1. Wash a 12 ounce package of raspberries and set them on paper towels to dry.

2. Pick out at least 7 of the most beautiful raspberries to use as the garnish on the top of the cake. Set aside.


1. Unroll the baked Chocolate Cake Roll cake from the towel, after it has cooled, then evenly spread the chocolate whipped cream on the cake, using a large off-set spatula.

2. Place the raspberries in rows on top of the whipped cream, leaving the last 3-inches on the far side of the roll free of raspberries.
Gently press the raspberries into the cream.

3. Starting with the cake's long edge nearest you, carefully reroll the cake. Roll the cake evenly, using gentle pressure.
Notice the cake is being rolled tightly. But, not so much that the cake cracks and the filling squishes out the sides.

4. Place the roll, seam side down, on a piece of plastic wrap, and tightly wrap the roll, and twist the edges of the plastic wrap to seal.
Place the roll on a sheet pan and refrigerate the roll for  2 - 4 hours, preferably overnight.

1. Make 1 recipe Simple Chocolate Ganache, Step-by-Step

2. Allow the ganache to cool a little, stirring occasionally, until it is at pouring consistency. Put the ganache in a spouted container, to make it easier to pour.

3. Unwrap the chilled cake roll and place it on a rack, over a rimmed baking sheet.

4. Pour the ganache evenly over the cake until it is completely coated.

5. Refrigerate the ganache coated cake, while still on the rack and baking sheet, for about an hour, or until the ganache is set

. Run a sharp knife around the base of the cake to release it from the excess ganache on the rack.

2. Cut off the two ends of the roll with a large serrated knife.

3. Use two spatulas or a large cake lifter spatula, carefully move the cake roll to a flat serving plate.
NOTE: A cake lifter spatula is ideal for this job, and many other baking tasks. We HIGHLY recommend it.

4. Starting at one end of the cake, add pairs of white chocolate leaves, slightly overlapping the rows.

5. Add raspberries in the space between each row, adjusting the leaves, as necessary,  so they stay in place.

6. Pour about a teaspoon of honey into a small bowl, and add a drop of honey to the top of each raspberry, using a toothpick.
This step is optional, but it makes the appearance more jewel-like and beautiful, in our opinion.

Cut cake into slices with a long serrated knife and serve on pretty plates. The cake should not remain out of refrigeration for more than 2 hours.

The Chocolate Whipped Cream filling is perishable, so the cake roll must remain refrigerated. It will keep for a day, up to about 3 days at the most. The cake will not freeze well due to the whipped cream filling.

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