Toba Garrett’s Glace Icing

  • Serves: Makes 2 cups
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Cookies and photo by kglee © Sarah Phillips
This dries like a smooth sheet, perfect to use on baked cookies or a cake. This recipe has been adapted from Toba Garrett, famed cake designer.

1 pound (454 g) powdered sugar
3/8 cup (90 ml) whole or 2% milk
3/8 cup (4.5 oz or 126 g) light corn syrup
Flavor Options: 1 teaspoon flavored extract, I tablespoon alcohol or liqueur, or 2 to 3 drops concentrated candy oil

In a mixing bowl, thoroughly mix the sugar and the milk. The icing should be very soft and have a heavy-cream texture before you add the corn syrup. Add the corn syrup and mix just until combined.

Divide the icing into several bowls. Flavor each bowl with extracts, alcohol or candy oils. Color each bowl of icing as desired.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap to prevent drying until you're ready to use it. Stir right before using.

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