After the cookies have cooled, you can decorate them with Simple Fondant Glaze. It's a poured cookie icing that can be tinted and flavored, and dries to a hard surface. The cookies can then be stacked, packaged and wrapped without marring their finish.

Fondant is a thick, creamy white sugar mass used in different forms for decorating cookies and cakes with; it can be rolled and draped over a cake, poured as a glaze or sculpted with. Fondant is also the basis of many candies -- it is the center of a piece of a chocolate buttercream candy or pecan logs. It can also be used as a thick creamy, sugary filling that gushes out of a chocolate-covered cherry when bitten into. Fondant originates from the word "fondre" which means to melt named so because it melts in your mouth when eaten.

Barbara, Premium Member, Says: "I tried the poured fondant last night and was very pleased with the result - it was easy to make, the colors were bright and it was delicious. I stored a few in a plastic bag overnight to see how they held up and they were fine." 

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