Shabby Chic Rose Cake

  • Serves: Makes one 2 x 9-inch layer cake
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If you want to make a really beautiful, tasty and impressive cake for your mom this Mother's Day, our new Shabby Chic Rose Cake is PERFECT! When one of our Premium Members posted her recipe for Maple Spice Pink Rose Cake, we were charmed by the beautiful rose swirls she had created on her cake. We had seen buttercream rose swirls on cupcakes, but loved the look of the entire cake clothed in roses. We decided to put a CraftyBaking twist on the design, by adding bi-colored rose swirls, as well as chocolate leaves. We also added our own Video: How to Make the Buttercream Rose Swirls. Upon further research, we discovered i am baker's version of the rose cake, which she calls the original "Rose Cake". Hat's off to Amanda for a beautiful cake design!

We chose the perfect cake recipe as the base because it is SO moist and the texture is divine. The combination of raspberry and lemon curd fillings goes perfectly with it, but you can just fill it with the same buttercream you decorate it with, if you like. The cake is decorated with roses using one of our buttercream frosting recipes that pipes beautifully and holds its shape. The roses are piped right on the cake, and you can see exactly how they are done, by viewing our tutorial and video. The white chocolate leaves add to the look of this pretty and romantic cake. YUMMY!

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