My Italian Grandmother would turn over in her grave if I ever used jarred sauce.
Making tomato sauce from scratch is not very hard at just have to have time to let it simmer, so it builds that delicious, authentic Italian flavor.

Here is the way I learned to make spaghetti sauce from my Italian grandmother - make sure you let it cook long and slow and stir often. You may use fresh tomatoes (blanch the skin off first by plunging in boiling water for 10 seconds), canned chopped or crushed tomatoes or canned whole tomatoes that you have whizzed up in the blender for a bit.

I make this sauce about once every few weeks. I make a BIG pot of it and I portion it in meal-sized ziptop bags, so there is always sauce ready, when I need to make a quick dinner.
You may also make meatballs, bake them(I bake them) or fry them first, and then simmer them in the big pot of sauce. Meatballs REALLY make the sauce extra delish.


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