MsBreez’s Butterfly Petits Fours or Petit Four

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Butterfly petits fours and photo by msbreez © Sarah Phillips

msbreez, Premium Member, Says: "I finally finished the project and took it to my meeting today. I am a member of our local MOPS group and part of the theme this year uses butterflies. SO, I decided to make petits fours for this large group, with a mom flavor AND incorporate butterflies somehow. This is the final outcome. Ok, so, which part of this whole thing have I done before? NONE of it! Well, I have baked a cake from scratch, but not a Genoise. I have decorated cookies before, but not on this level. What will I do again? ALL OF IT! That cake was so awesome, and the coffee flavors with the chocolate were so grown-up tasting. I'm not sure when I will be making something like this again, lots of women there were telling me I should do that for some kind of business here, there's just a Walmart and a grocery store, no specialty cake stores. Maybe...I might consider it.

Thanks, Sarah for making this accessible to the 'average home baker'. I never would have done anything close to this if I hadn't started a search a couple years ago for a lemon cake recipe. Neat how things turn out! I posted pictures including the various stages of assembly. Thanks for looking!"

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