Marizipan for Making Molded Figurines

  • Serves: Makes about 24
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Modeled Marzipan is a unique delicacy that has delighted Europeans for centuries. It is shaped by hand, rolled and cut out with cookie cutters or made with marzipan molds into colorful fruits, animals and other shapes and then dried. Hand-modeled figures need about up to 24 hours to dry, depending on the size and humidity of the weather. Marzipan shapes can also be purchased.

Shapes can be painted with moistened gel or paste colors or food coloring (let air dry for about two hours before doing), rolled in a cocoa-powdered sugar mixture or dipped in melted chocolate, preferably tempered chocolate or just melted chocolate chips, mixed with a small amount of shortening. NOTE: You can use our other Marzipan Recipe, instead.

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