Healthy Oven Pear Baklava Tutorial

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Popular in Greece and Turkey, the Traditional Walnut-Almond Baklava is a sweet dessert consisting of many layers of butter-drenched phyllo pastry, spices and chopped nuts. A spiced honey-lemon syrup is poured over the warm pastry after it's baked and allowed to soak into the layers. Before serving, the dessert is cut into triangles and sometimes sprinkled with coarsely ground nuts. Loaded with calories and fat, I decided to make my own lower-in-fat and calories version using pears for the filling, with a sprinkling of nuts, soaked in a honey syrup. It is so flavorful and delicious, I know you will come back for more. You can substitute the pears with Golden Delicious apples, if desired!

For best results, thaw frozen Phyllo dough overnight in the refrigerator. If thawed at room temperature, the sheets tend to stick together. The dough dries out quickly and can crack when exposed to air. Keep the stack of Phyllo sheets covered with plastic wrap or a damp cloth, and work quickly as the sheets are removed from the stack. If you have extra, it can be refrozen; simply roll up, cover with plastic wrap or place in an airtight plastic bag and put back into its container.

KELLY SAYS: "We LOVE this dessert!"

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