When the kid's were young and we just moved into a newly built neighborhood of 25 homes, I started the Annual Halloween Party for all the kids and families, and hosted it for a good four years. It was a potluck dinner we started early, before all of us went out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood! Some ten years later, it is still going on to this day, now hosted by another family, now that my kids have grown and are in college.

But, one year I invented a way to get the kids to eat vegetables before they went out and ate candy all night. I made scary Halloween characters from vegetables. It did work; the kids ran all over the house eating them! Every year after that, the kids in the neighborhood like to see who can make the scariest vegetable characters for the potluck table. Then, we all have fun eating them at dinner! The kid's scream - "Off with their heads!" and then, they eat their veggies!

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