Gma K’s Kolaches

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Kolaches are a Czech recipe that are traditionally made with a yeast dough and fruit filling (including poppy seed, raspberry, and apricot) or sometimes with cheeses and/or meats inside a bread roll.
Dillionsmimi, Premium Member, Says: "She (Gma K) made these as well as all the other bread for the week on Monday "wash day" so to have everything clean and fresh for the week. I keep this recipe in a safe with all the other important papers. It is that good and VERY tried and true. Not to mention that in order to have a REAL kolache recipe someone has to share it with you. Very seldom will you find an original in a cookbook. She learned this from her mom, who learned from her mom and so on...some of the ingredients had to be changed in order to carry on the tradition (the yeast for example)."


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