Gluten-free Yogurt and Granola Parfaits

  • Serves: Per 8- fluid ounce (1 cup) glass
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Granola is great eaten as a cereal, but even better when made into a yogurt parfait. We used our special homemade Fruit and Nut Gluten-free Granola for this recipe.

To make a yogurt parfait, layer it in glasses with fresh berries and your favorite yogurt.
Not only does it taste GREAT, but it looks pretty too. :^)

Per 8-fl oz (1 cup) glass size, we used 8 raspberries, 3 tablespoons of yogurt and granola each per layer, for two layers:
16 Raspberries
6 tablespoons yogurt of your choosing 
6 tablespoons Fruit and Nut Gluten-free Granola

Topping per 8-fl oz glass size:

1 tablespoon yogurt of your choosing
1 raspberry
1 sprig fresh mint

1. For the first layer of the parfait, place the raspberries evenly in the bottom of the glass.

Place the yogurt on top.

Then spoon in the granola.

2. For the second layer of the parfait:
Spoon yogurt evenly over the granola.

Then place the raspberries.

And spoon the granola on top.

3. Top the parfait with yogurt, a raspberry and a sprig of fresh mint.

Serve right away or cover and refrigerate for an hour or two.

This is best served the day it is made; the fruit starts to break down and the granola absorbs the moisture in the recipe and gets soggy.
Store in the refrigerator, well covered, for a day or two because the yogurt is perishable.

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