Fondant Ribbon Roses and Leaves

  • Serves: Makes 6 roses and 6 to 12 leaves
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Fondant ribbon roses are easy to make and look so pretty on cakes and cupcakes. I used homemade Marshmallow Fondant or MMF to make these, but any fondant will do. We use this recipe with the Mother's Day Coconut Cake Tutorial and the Rice Krispies Treats Cupcake Pops.

1/2 cup Marshmallow Fondant or MMF; 1/4 cup tinted yellow (roses); 2 tablespoons green (leaves); ; remainder leave white for extra

Make the roses:
You will need at least 6 roses for this cake, but, you can make as many as you like, and set aside the extras to use later. They are nice to use on other projects, such as cupcakes.

1. Lightly dust a silpat mat with cornstarch and roll out a 1/2-inch thick ribbon of pale yellow MMF.

2. Pick up ribbon and begin to coil the fondant around itself. The center of the ribbon rise should be higher than the outer petals.

3. Pinch the excess fondant off the bottom of your rose and place it on a cornstarch dusted silpat mat to dry.

Make the leaves:
Make one or two leaves for each yellow flower, if desired!
1. Lightly dust the silpat mat with cornstarch, to prevent sticking.
Roll out some green tinted MMF, about 1/2-inch thick, to make the rose leaves. Cut them with a leaf cutter, or free-form with an exacto knife.

2. Use a silicone leaf veining mat or a sharp knife to create the vein texture on the leaves.
Lightly dust the veining mat with cornstarch and then, lightly press the MMF leaf onto the mat to create an impression. Remove.

3. Place the finished leaves on the curved edge of a small plate, to create a more lively shape. Let them dry.

You can also make leaves this way:

1. Roll out some green MMF very thinly and cut out a very small leaf. If you do not have a tiny leaf cutter, you may use a craft knife, but this is more difficult to do.

2. Use a metal cake tester, or a toothpick, to press veins in the leaf.


Store dried MMF pieces in an airtight container placed in a cool, dry place.

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