Fondant Fantasy Flower

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KELLY SAYS: "When I was trying to figure out how to decorate the Cherry Pink Tuxedo Mini-Cake and Cupcakes, I decided that one BIG dramatic fondant flower would be the perfect way to crown this uber-girly cake. My neighbor has a beautiful magnolia tree, and when it's in bloom, it is magnificent; this flower is loosely based on those gorgeous blossoms." See below to find out how to make your fondant flowers last longer and be more resistant to humidity!"


If you want a firmer flower, so that it's more resistant to humidity, use gumpaste instead of fondant. You can also add a small amount of gumpaste to the fondant to help it dry harder too.

Gum Paste Flower Making Set Sugarcraft Cutters by Wilton*; purchase or find similar set in a craft store
Maroon (burgundy) powdered food coloring or petal dust; purchase
Lime green powdered food coloring or petal dust; purchase
Good quality soft bristle paint brushes (used only for food); purchase
Pale pink marshmallow fondant, or gumpaste 
Yellow marshmallow fondant, or gumpaste
Yellow sugar pearls, purchase
Empty washed egg carton
cotton balls
Silicone petal veiners, optional, purchase
Cornstarch, for dusting work surface

*All the tools you will need to make this flower are included in the Gum Paste Flower Making Set Sugarcraft Cutters by Wilton or find a similar kit.
This is what it looks like:

I find that I like to use the Wilton 9-inch plastic fondant roller, rather than the wooden one that is included with this kit, but it will still work.


1.  Loosen the fibers on a couple of cotton balls and place it in the depression in the egg carton. Press it in the center, so it is lower in the center than it is on the sides. This will help form the shape of the flower and support it from below.
Set aside. 

2. Dust your work surface with a little cornstarch. If you use a silicone mat, you can use less cornstarch.

3. Take a walnut sized piece of pale pink fondant and roll it out to about a 1/16-inch thickness.

4. Take the three petal cutter from the kit and cut out two of them. Remove the excess fondant and press it into a ball, and back into the plastic bag with the ball of fondant, so it doesn't dry put.

5. Take the wooden stick roller and roll around the edges of each petal to thin the fondant. This will give it a more realistic look.
It is important to leave the center of the petals thicker, as they will provide strength and stability to the flower when it is dry.

6. If you have petal veiners, you may use them to add texture to the petals. If you don't, it is OK to leave the petal as is, after all, this IS a fantasy flower. :^)
Place the veiner under each petal, and roll over it GENTLY, to impress the petal with the veins.

7. Brush on a small amount of water to the center of one of the petal sets, then place the other one on top of it, with petals oriented so the fill the spaces between the petals of the bottom piece. Press gently in the center to adhere.

8. Place the flower in the prepared cotton ball filled egg carton depression and press it down gently, in the center, to form the flower shape.

9. Use your fingertips to gently curve the petals in a natural way. This will do a lot to help make your flower look more realistic.
Let the flower dry for several hours, or overnight.

When your fondant flower feels dry to the touch, it is time to tint it. If you tint it while it is wet, your color will not go one smoothly.
1. Load your brush with a little of the lime green petal dust and brush it in the center of the flower.
Most of it will be covered by the flower center, so make sure to go part way up the petal, so it shows after the center is put in place.

2. Wipe off your brush on a dry paper towel.
Then load your brush with the burgundy petal dust and dust it on the edges of each of the petals. Use the brush to blend it evenly over the petal edges.

3. Take a small piece of fondant and roll it into a ball.

4. Press the center of the ball to flatten it slightly, then press down the edges of the circle to create a cushion shape.

5. Choose 6 yellow candy pearls of similar size and shape.
They ARE NOT all the same, so this is important.
Place one pearl in the center of the ball and press it gently, to set it in place.
Do the same with the five remaining pearls.

6. Starting with the center pearl, remove it, then brush a tiny amount of water in the depression. Replace the pearl and press to adhere.
Repeat with the remaining pearls.

7. Brush a little water on the underside of the flower center and place it in the center of the flower. Press gently to adhere.

8. Set flower aside until the water is dry. I think it is best to wait 24 hours before placing the flower on the cake. Place the flower on the cake right before service.

I made two of these flowers, for the one on the left, I used an orchid petal veiner. For the one of the right, I used a more subtle veiner that is actually an orchid leaf veiner. 
I used this kit.

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