Fantasy Fudge

  • Serves: 3 pounds or 40 servings, about two squares each
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Variations: Almond Fantasy Fudge; Chocolate Mint Fantasy Fudge; Cookies and Cream Fantasy Fudge; Double Layer Fantasy Fudge; Dreamsicle Fantasy Fudge; Maple Walnut Fantasy Fudge; Mocha Fantasy Fudge; Peanut Butter Fantasy Fudge; Rum Raisin Fantasy Fudge; "Truffles"

I rewrote the entire original Fantasy Fudge Recipe from Kraft Foods - including the ingredient amounts - and posted it, here. I noticed there were a lot of errors with the original one from Kraft, causing others to have so much trouble with it and perhaps trouble with other fudge recipes. Certain candymaking procedures are best followed to prevent crystallization and other typical issues happening with any candy recipe. Many years ago, I also wrote and posted a Creamy Chocolate Fudge Recipe including proper candymaking techniques and storage steps, which I have incorporated here. This recipe makes great Christmas gifts to give to neighbors alone or on a holiday plate with other goodies.

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