Darn Good Pancakes

  • Serves: Makes 8 to 9, 3-inch pancakes
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Variations: Darn Good Whole Wheat Orange Pancakes; Darn Good Blueberry Pancakes; Darn Good Chocolate Chip Pancakes; Darn Good Pumpkin Pancakes; Darn Good Pancakes Made with Milk Instead of Buttermilk

Pancakes and photo by emmett36 © Sarah Phillips
Making pancakes for the whole family is one of the nicest ways to start the day. (Whenever I have a straggling kid who can't get out of bed, the aroma of pancakes cooking on the griddle rouses him or her in no time). Hotcakes are simple to make, and I have so many variations I can hardly decide which one to make. I hope these pancakes become a weekend event at your house, too. Serve them hot with maple syrup.


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