Variations: Dark Chocolate Tart with Caramel Sauce; Dark chocolate Pecan or Chocolate Chip Tart; Milk Chocolate Caramel Tart

Tart and photo by Anita Chu © Sarah Phillips
I picked a dessert that showcases many of my favorite flavors and textures in pastry. I love chocolate, especially bittersweet, and I love pies, so the idea of a pudding-smooth, intensely chocolaty filling in a buttery, flaky crust sounds like dessert bliss to me. To give it an autumnal spin and take it into over-the-top indulgence, I’ve added a sweet, gooey layer of caramel. Served with a dollop of whipped cream, this would make a fabulous holiday dessert offering. Best of all, this is a wonderfully easy pie to customize to your desires – see some of the suggested variations at the end of the recipe.

Sarah's basic pie crust works beautifully for this recipe – just follow her excellent instructions. Do use your favorite bittersweet chocolate, and the best quality you can find; try to use baking bars instead of chocolate chips. Also, don’t be afraid to take the caramel dark when you are cooking it; I find that it achieves a deeper, smokier flavor that goes with the dark chocolate really well. The pie is best served within a few hours of making it – if you're with not serving it right away, be sure to keep it refrigerated or the caramel will start melting.

I hope you enjoy this pie – I think it’s a lovely and comforting dessert for the chilly weather and coming holiday season. Happy baking!

Tart and photo by Anita Chu © Sarah Phillips

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