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KELLY SAYS: "I made this Christmas croquembouche and my decorated Santa cookie adorns the top of the dessert!"

KELLY SAYS: "For this croquembouche, I made a butterfly topper out of the caramel, and added some fondant flowers for decoration.
I dipped a spoon in the caramel and traced out two wings and a body. When they were hardened, I 'glued' them together with molten caramel, holding the wings with my fingers, till they hardened in place."

KELLY SAYS: "I decided to make an Easter croquembouche and placed a chocolate bunny on top."

The Croquembouche, which translates as "Crunch in the mouth", is a delectable French dessert that is often served at weddings, in place of a wedding cake. 
It is a tower made up of pastry cream-filled cream puffs, made from Pâte à choux dough, all held together with crunchy caramel cage.
Many times, it is elaborately decorated with candied flowers, bows and spun sugar.
You need a mold to build a very large croquembouche, but a small one can support itself, and it is not as hard to make as you might think.
It is a very impressive dessert!

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