Crab Mac n’ Cheese

  • Serves: 13- x 9-inch buttered baking dish or casserole
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 350
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Chef Carmen Q. at the Union Square Greenmarket, NYC

This is a classic mac n' cheese recipe with a twist: it blends together fresh crab with a peppery béchamel cheese sauce. I was fortunate to witness the preparation of and taste the result of this decadent, flavor-packed recipe while attending a Morning Market Meeting with restaurateur Danny Meyer at his flagship restaurant, Union Square Cafe (USC) in New York City. The morning began at 8:00 AM with coffee, juice, pastries and a welcome from Danny Meyer, USC founder. He introduced us to his Executive Chef and Partner, Carmen Quagliata, and speaker of the morning, Tim Stark, founder and owner of Eckerton Hill Farm, one of the forerunners for growing heirloom tomatoes. Eckerton Hill Farm are known for their more than 100 varieties of juicy heirloom tomatoes and fiery seasoning peppers of every shape and hue. Chef Q gave us a cooking demo of this incredible recipe, which I have adapted, using Eckerton peppers, and after an ample taste-test of the finished dish, guided us through a tour of the nearby Union Square Greenmarket, where Eckerton Hill Farm also sells its delicious produce.

See my notes below to make this a gluten-free recipe!

Heirloom tomatoes at Eckerton Hill Farm, Union Square Greenmarket, NYC
Chocolate habanero and other seasoning peppers at Eckerton Hill Farm, Union Square Greenmarket, NYC

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