Classic Creole Bread Pudding

  • Serves: Makes 6 servings
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Variations: Banana Bread Pudding; Bread Loaf Pudding; Chocolate Bread Pudding; Croissant Bread Pudding; Date-Nut Bread Pudding; Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is a dessert popular in British cuisine, Puerto Rican cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Louisiana Creole and that of the Southern United States, as well as Belgian and French cuisine. I adapted this recipe from James McNair, cookbook author. He lived in the French Quarter, New Orleans and enjoyed this treat at the Coffee Pot, where he wrote that Pearl made it every day. Before leaving the area, he talked her out of the recipe, which is simply delicious and sinful! Louisiana bread pudding is made of stale bread and its consistency is similar to a moist cake and is warm served with a wonderful vanilla, whiskey, or rum sauce. The smell is heavenly and if you get a chance to visit New Orleans, this is a MUST have dessert that is served at most restaurants.

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