Chocolate Ganache Napoleons

  • Serves: Makes two Napoleons, each three layers high; cut into 20 servings
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Variations: Orange-Cream Napoleons; Strawberry Napoleons; Classic Glazed Napoleons; Pear Napoleons

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A traditional Napoleon is a French dessert made from layers of puff pastry spread with a vanilla pastry cream. The top of the rectangle or triangular shaped sweet is drizzled with chocolate and or dusted with powdered sugar. I decided to put the chocolate inside, as well. Making puff pastry from scratch is not an easy task to undertake. It is a labor and time intensive endeavor. Ready-made is available in the grocery store, and can come frozen or freshly made; either is fine for this recipe. You can also skip making the pastry cream and use instant vanilla pudding, instead - just follow the pie filling instructions.

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