Chocolate Almond Sponge Torte

  • Serves: Makes two 8- or 9- x 2-inch cake layers
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Making dessert for Passover can be a difficult task and many recipes do not taste great. No flour may be used, no corn (no cornmeal and cornstarch), no beans (no gluten-free mixes with garbanzo or fava bean flours) and, for some, no rice. In the absence of flour, finely ground nuts, potato starch or matzo cake meal step in to add structure, texture and flavor. With baking powder and yeast not allowed, stiffly beaten egg whites are incorporated into batters to leaven cakes, making foam cakes, such as the sponge cake, perfect! This cake is filled and frosted with a Dark Chocolate Mocha Icing and can be garnished with Candied Citrus Peel or Chocolate Curls, and sprinkled with toasted almond slices, if desired. This recipe is also gluten-free.

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