Chewy Butter Caramels

  • Serves: Makes 64 1-inch square candies in one 8- x 8-inch pan
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Variations: Almond Caramels; Coconut Caramels; Coffee Caramels; Rum Caramels; Vanilla Caramels; Chocolate Enrobed Caramels

Sweets, often square-shaped, made from a mixture of sugar ... and dairy products..." Larousse Gastronomique, 1988

It sounds so simple -- to make caramel candy. Crystalline table sugar and liquid (usually water) are boiled to a high temperature on the stove. There are literally hundreds of different caramel recipes, each producing a different variation on the same theme depending upon how to what stage the sugar and water are boiled to and extra ingredients used. For example, soft caramels are a candy made with caramelized sugar, butter and cream; the softness is mainly a result of the cream. The principals of candy making are the same: under high heat, the sugar's crystalline structure breaks down and undergoes several chemical processes called caramelization as it is heated, stirred and cooled where it rearranges itself to produce different recipes. Chewy caramels can be easily formed into lengths and cut into desired shapes. And, remember - do not attempt any sugar making on a humid day unless you have the air conditioning on!!

Desirable quality characteristics for soft, chewy caramels:
Appearance: smooth, glossy, evenly-colored.
Consistency: soft-plastic, neither syrupy nor brittle.
Texture: chewy, not excessively tough, not grainy.
Flavor: mild, caramel-like, not burnt or off-flavor.

This is achieved through ingredients, temperature and agitating or stirring the ingredients at the appropriate time. Here we show you how!

MelStead, Premium Member, Says: "Dear Sarah, I finally got a chance to make the caramel! The taste is phenomenal! Very smooth & buttery."

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