Caramel Pecan Logs

  • Serves: Makes about 1 1/2 pounds
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Variations: Vanilla Pecan Logs; Cherry Pecan Logs; Lemon Pecan Logs; Mint Pecan Logs; Orange Pecan Logs; Raspberry / Strawberry Pecan Logs

Logs and photo by msbreez, Premium Member © Sarah Phillips 
Combine a creamy caramel fondant center with a delightful caramel and roll it in chopped pecans for a special classic Stuckey's treat. Stuckey's - the gift shop/diner/gas station with the blue roof - originated in the early 1930s in Eastman, Georgia. When founder W. S. Stuckey, Sr., had a successful pecan harvest from his family's orchard he decided to offer a portion of the crop for sale in a lean-to roadside shed. Many Florida-bound tourists traveling the Georgia 23 highway stopped to purchase the pecans.

As the roadside business continued to expand, Stuckey's wife, Ethel, created a variety of homemade pecan candies to sell at the stand, including pecan log rolls and pecan divinity. They were made with a creamy white fondant center with just a hint of caramel flavor. They were dipped in caramel and then covered in the finest pecans available in the confectionery industry. A candy factory was constructed in Georgia to supply an eventual 350-plus Stuckey's stores located throughout the continental United States. As the post-war baby boom took off and families began to travel across the country by car more often, Stuckey's continued to grow financially as they were almost always constructed along large highways and usually were paired with Texaco gas stations as well as restaurants and clean restrooms. I remember Stuckey's and their famous Pecan Logs well!

MSBREEZ, Premium Member, Says: "I tried the recipe here and it's nearly perfect!!!"

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