Bubby’s Sour Cream Pancakes

  • Serves: Makes eight 5-inch pancakes
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Photo of Bubby's Sour Cream Pancakes by Orange Piggy © 2012 Sarah Phillips

I am a huge fan of Bubby's Restaurant in Tribeca, New York City, and am especially enamored of their scrumptious Sour Cream Pancakes. They really are out of this world, and any time I can make it there, I'll order them, even if it's lunchtime or dinnertime! I asked owner and chef Ron Silver if I could share the recipe with all of you on CraftyBaking.com and he was happy to oblige! Unfortunately, as is the case with many restaurant recipes, it was perfect at the restaurant but not for the home cook; it just didn't taste the same or have the same lovely texture. After some re-testing, I changed the type of leaveners and amounts used and the mixing method (and some amounts) for the ingredients; you can see the results below. Now the recipe looks and tastes just like the incredible pancakes I still love to eat at the restaurant. Try them with Maple-Glazed Bacon (maple glazed bacon).

dillonsmimi, Premium Member, says: "I love this recipe so much and had extra sour cream so I made another batch to freeze. They come out looking exactly like the pix (this NEVER happens to me, lol)! Second...they are all about the texture: not too airy and fluffy and light - I like a bit of "tooth" to my food (especially if it is saturated with syrup) - but not heavy, and so tender. It is almost indescribable. Stop stirring at the oatmeal stage and use your quick bread techniques and I can guarantee an eating experience that you will remember! This gets pinned, Sarah!"

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