Blitz Puff Pastry

  • Serves: Makes four 9-inch circles
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Variation: Chocolate Blitz Puff Pastry
Also known as quick, rough puff, and half pastry, Blitz Puff Pastry usually called "quick" because it is a way to abbreviate the lengthy process of making puff pastry. It is a cross between classic puff pastry and basic pie crust and is ideal for crisp, buttery pastries and crusts. cheese straws, and cream horns, or use it as a crust for tarts, quiches, and pot pies.

When making rough puff pastry, the butter is cut into the flour as if making a pie crust and then a scant amount of water is added and combined to make a smooth, workable dough. To make it, simply roll out the dough and give it a quick series of turns and folds as you would for classic puff pastry to produce the layering and flaky result in the dough when baked; the dough need not rest in between.

Though this Blitz Puff Pastry results are not quite as spectacular in terms of height as reached with our Puff Pastry Recipe, it is just as irresistibly flaky, buttery, and tender.


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