How to Decorate Bread

Decorating is not limited to just cakes and cookies, but bread can be decorated, as well. Enjoy some of our recipe-tutorials where we bake traditional bread shapes, such as the Italian Dove Sweet Bread, braid bread, such as the Challah Bread from a Starter, or make animal shapes and embed designs into the dough before baking, where we have fun doing that with the Teddy Bear Rolls. Many times what we call decorating is part of the bread shaping process and the final touches before baking. There's more in the How To Section of this website.

We show you how to shape and decorate bread with the following recipe tutorial examples:

Braided Bread Tutorial
Challah Bread from a Starter

Cutting Designs into the Dough
Fougasse Bread Tutorial

Decorating with Dough
Brown Sugar Cookie Buns
Conchas Mexican Sweet Spring Flower Buns

Cartoon Face or Anapanman Buns
Chocolate Hot Cross Buns
Natural Easter Egg Bread Basket
Sweet Santa Rolls
Teddy Bear Rolls

Traditional Melon Buns or Melon Pan

Fill and Shape Bread (Sometimes) Showing a Decorative Design
Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread

Cookie Butter Filled Star Loaf
Green Tea Swirl Bread
Pittenguise or Calabrian Christmas Cakes​

Slash Bread Dough
Crusty Sourdough Loaves

Dutch-Oven Buttermilk No Knead Bread​
Easy French Baguettes
Potato Bread

Special Shapes
Brioche a Tete
Italian Dove Sweet Bread
Soft Pretzels
Very Good Bagels
Whole Wheat Piggy Bread Rolls

Other Recipes