Pudding Introduction

Glazed Mango Mousse Cake Recipe using Mango Mousse RecipePuddings (pood'ings) are a thick, soft dessert, ranging from sweet to savory, with textures from soft to moderately hard. They typically containing flour or some other thickener (such as tapioca), milk, eggs, a flavoring, and sweetener.

There are four major types:

  1. boiled;
  2. baked;
  3. steamed; and,
  4. chilled. 

The earliest puddings were of cereal, breadcrumbs and suet were stuffed in sausage skins, enclosed in a pastry and baked. Today, puddings serve as a main dish, such as corn pudding or as a dessert as in chocolate pudding, snacks or treats for special occasions. In Britain, it means the dessert course of a meal. Some puddings, such as bread and rice, are universally popular, but incorporate regional or cultural variations.

Lemon Mousse RecipeSARAH SAYS: Puddings are similar to custards. Flan and mousse are widely adapted custard desserts. Pudding cakes and cheesecakes are basically baked egg custards.

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