Delicious Types of Pies and Tarts

Linzertorte (Linzer Torte) RecipeTypes of Pies

Pies and tarts are grouped together according to their fillings. Fillings run the gamut from fruit to nuts. There are dessert pies such as fruit pies, chiffon, cream, custard, etc. Main-dish pie options include quiches with egg, vegetable and meat fillings.

CHIFFON: The use of gelatin in their preparation distinguishes them from other types.
The Lemon Chiffon and Café Brûlot Chiffon Pie Recipes are just scrumptious.

COBBLERS, CRISPS, ETC: First cousins of pies, all have fruit fillings and are baked in either shallow or deep dishes with top crusts only.
The Balsamic Strawberries Cobbler Recipe shouldn't be missed!

Easy-Breezy Strawberry Cream Tart RecipeCREAM: The filling is pre-made from a custard or mousse, spread in a previously baked pastry or crumb crust.
The Banana Cream Chocolate Ganache and Coconut Cream Pie Recipes always WOW a croud!

Easy Pumpkin Pie Tart Recipe TutorialCUSTARD: The filling is uncooked custard poured over an unbaked bottom crust, without a top one. Both are baked together.
The Easy Pumpkin Pie Tart, Classic Pumpkin and Reed's Deep Dish Orange Pecan Pies are great examples of custard pie recipes.

FROZEN / NO BAKE: Pies can be made with pre-baked (blind-baked) pie crusts and filled with frozen ingredients, such as ice cream or gelato. Pies can also be filled with pre-cooked fillings.

FRUIT: Fillings are made from cooked or uncooked fresh, frozen, cooked, canned or even dried fruit.
The AppleCherry and Peach Pies are popular fruit pie recipes.

MAIN DISH: Main-dish pie options include quiches with egg, vegetable and meat fillings. Our Sweet Spiced Pumpkin Empanadas are an example.
The Savory Quiche Tart with a Whole Wheat and Cheese Crust Recipe makes a perfect dinner meal.

Mini Chocolate Meringue Tarts RecipeMERINGUE: Are simply cream or chiffon pies covered with meringue.
Our Luscious Lemon Meringue Pie and Key Lime Tart are classic recipe examples.


Pie Types Conclusion

As you can see, there are many different types of pies you can make. Fruit pies and probably the most popular and widely accepted. When you think about your classic pies such as apple and cherry pie, those seem to be some crowd pleasers. Another great type of pie is when you include custard and cream. The coconut cream pie is always a big hit if you are going this route. Almost everyone loves pie, so pick out your favorite recipe and start making your next dessert.

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