Pudding Cakes

Cherry or Apricot Almond Clafoutis or Clafouti RecipePudding cakes are basically egg custards, but with two improvements. Unlike ordinary egg custards, pudding cakes contain a little flour and some with beaten egg whites. During baking, the beaten egg whites will float to the top, forming a spongy, cake-like meringue cap. Meanwhile, the remainder of the batter settles to the bottom to make a pudding-like layer. Try our Sticky Date Pudding Cake Recipe with Toffee Sauce Recipe.

Other types of pudding cakes are the Clafoutis, also known as Clafouti. Originally from the Limousin region, this country-French dessert is made by topping a layer of fresh fruit with batter. After baking it's served hot, sometimes with whipped cream. Some clafoutis have a cakelike topping while others are more like pudding cake, classified as a custard. Cherries are traditional, and the Cherry or Apricot Almond Clafoutis or Clafouti Recipe Tutorial calls for summer apricots as a variation, but will work well with almost any seasonal fruit that can go into a pie. When fresh fruit is used, this popular cake is sometimes called a Flognarde. The true Limousin Cherry Clafoutis is cooked with the stones left inside the cherries, giving much more flavor to the cake during the baking process.

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