Cookies Introduction

Christmas Cookie Cottage Tutorial RecipeThe word cookie refers to "small cakes" derived from the Dutch word "koekje" or "koekie." Cookies contain many of the same ingredients as cakes except that they have a lower proportion of liquid with a higher proportion of sugar and fat to flour.

Cookie recipes can be prepared in myriad shapes, flavors and textures, and can be decorated. Every country seems to have its favorite: in North America it's the chocolate chip; in the United Kingdom it's shortbread; in France, it's sables and macarons; and it's biscotti in Italy.

Cinnamon Spiral Cookies RecipeCOOKIE RECIPE TYPES are usually categorized by the fluidity of their batter or dough, detemining the way they are formed - Bars, Dropped, Icebox / Refrigerator, Molded, Pressed, or Rolled. In additon, some cookie types are subtypes of others. The type of cookie recipe to be prepared determines their mixing method, but for most, the conventional cake or creaming method is used. Cookies can be baked or called no-bake, where they can be made from ready-to-eat cereals, such as Rice Krispies Treats, oatmeal, nuts, dry fruit, or coconut, and held together with a cooked syrup or heated sugar base such as melted marshmallows and butter. 



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