Chocolate Types

EnrobeClassic Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe
Enrobing chocolate is any candy, cream, fruit, or nut that is covered in a chocolate coating. The most common (and best) creamy centers are fondants, however, almost any fresh or dried fruit may be used. The centers may be cooked or uncooked, elegant or simple, unusual or wonderful. The result is a center that is covered in chocolate to be eaten as a confection. Enrobing is done by either by using a dipping fork, the tines of a regular fork or with your fingertips, as long as the enrobing recipe is not hot. If you don't have dipping forks then use two plastic forks with the two center tines removed.

Dip and coat
It is another form of covering with melted or tempered chocolate. Any candy, cream, fruit, such as Strawberries, cookies or nuts can be dipped in a molten chocolate. They are immediately removed and then cooled so the chocolate sets. (See also Enrobed Chocolates or Chocolate Covered Coconut).

Chocolate Covered Cherries RecipeMold  
There are a couple of different types of chocolate made from molds: solid, filled and hollow, and here, I will explain each one in detail. The different types of chocolate molds used, both conventional and creative, and how to work with them in a step-by-step manner, are also explained here.

Whether you know it or not, that creamy, delicately flavored chocolate stuff found in the center of a rich truffle is called ganache. You may also recognize it as a glaze on a cake, as a whipped filling or frosting or as a piped decoration. 

Chocolate truffles are ganache in its simplest form. Truffle candies imitate Perigord truffles covered with earth. The goal is to make them small so they look like their namesakes, freshly dug from the earth.

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