Rolled Fondant RecipeFondant is a thick, creamy white crystalline candy made from a simple cooked mixture (Soft-Ball Stage) of sugar and water; however, cream of tartar or corn syrup is frequently added to help control the size of the crystals that form during cooling. The proportions of these ingredients and the way in which its made, determine its characteristics. It can be poured, rolled or sculpted with and formed into decorations or icing to coat large and small cakes or used as a candy, discussed here.

Fondant for candymaking forms the basic foundation of after-dinner mints, peppermint patties and chocolate-covered cherries. Candy corn, seen most during the Halloween season, is a common Fondant candy. It is also the basis of most chocolate-covered creams. Most of the chocolates made by such well-known companies as Fannie May in the United States, Godiva in Belgium, and Lindt in Switzerland are filled with Fondant. Fruits, nuts, flavoring, and coloring are added to make the variety of creams found in boxes of chocolates.

SARAH SAYS: Have you ever wondered how the liquid center gets inside a chocolate covered cChocolate Covered Cherries Recipeherry? The "liquid" is actually fondant, and is firm when wrapped around the cherry. The juice from the cherry acts on the sugar causing the fondant to liquefy days later, and only after being dipped in chocolate.

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