Types of Candy - Learn About Different Candy Types

There are many different types of candy. Chocolate, a crystalline candy, is discussed in a separate section. See also CANDY - SYRUP TEMPERATURE CHART and CANDY STORAGE.

Candy can be classified by its PREPARATION METHOD, which determines whether it will be

CRYSTALLINE CANDIES: Two types exist based on the size
of their crystals formed from sugar solutionsNON-CRYSTALLINE CANDIES: Sugar is present without form
(amorphous) from sugar solutions


Types of Candy

Type 1) Tiny crystals result in candies with soft, creamy
and smooth textures

*Note: Divinity is a crystalline candy but is a special case
as the crystals are dispersed in a foam.
**Marshmallows and gumdrops are also special classes as they contain a gelling substance.

Type 2) Candies with larger crystals


Conclusion About Candy Types

There are many types of candy, but as you can see, they can generally be broken down into the two main types of tiny crystals, and larger crystals. The candies with the tiny crystals are going to be more smooth and soft such as fudge and marshmellows. The larger crystal candies will be harder and not quite as soft such as toffee and rock candy.

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