Biscuit (French)

A Biscuit is the name for European Sponge Cakes used in a French pastry kitchen, and are not to be confused with the American quick-bread biscuit. They are classic foam or unshortened cakes baked in sheet pans, and can be very thin or relatively thick. Recipe textures vary from dense or airy, crispy or soft, depending on the egg foaming techniques used to make them, ingredients, and their eventual end use.

Biscuit Types:

Biscuit Cullier: used for making traditional Ladyfingers, such as used in our Hearts and Strawberry Roses Charlotte recipe or Ladyfingers recipe.

Biscuit Dacquoise: disc-shaped, nut-flavored meringues stacked and filled with sweetened whipped cream or buttercream. Our Hazelnut Almond Mocha Dacquoise Meringue Cake is an example.

Biscuit Decor:  Used for the sides of mousse cakes. Decorated with designs from molds.

Biscuit Financier: Small simple almond-based dense cakes leavened by egg whites, moistened with browned butter and baked into a small mold. Our Classic Financiers recipe is divine.

Biscuit Flourless Chocolate: Chocolate cakes containing no flour, but are made with cocoa powder or melted chocolate. They are sometimes used in unbaked flourless cakes as layers in between mousse. Our Flourless Molten Chocolate Cake recipe is one of my favorites.

Biscuit Joconde: Traditional biscuit recipe. Contains ground almonds and melted butter, such as the Opera Cake or Biscuit Joconde recipeThis biscuit is named for the Mona Lisa (La Joconda in French). In addition to containing almonds, it differs from other sponge cakes by having whole eggs (rather than just yolks) beaten with sugar and ground almonds before the meringue is folded in. Joconde is baked in thin layers on baking sheets. Joconde is used to make linings for the outsides of charlottes, a traditional French raspberry mousse cake, and other Bavarian mousse cakesBiscuit Moelleux: Used for roulades or jelly rolls and sheet cakes.

Biscuit Noisette: Thin stacked and filled meringue disks made with ground or powdered hazelnuts or hazelnut paste. 

Biscuit Noix: Thin cake made with ground walnuts.

Cherry Blossom Cake Roll RecipeBiscuit Roulade: Jelly rolls, also known as Biscuit Roulade, are a form of sponge-cake, baked in a shallow pan and used for jellyrolls or holiday cakes. Rolls are immediately removed from the oven when done and rolled up in a sugared tea towel. When cool, they are unrolled gently, filled with jelly, custard or icings and rerolled

Biscuit Sacher: flavored and used for Sacher cakes. Our Sachertorte recipe is an example, but is based on a recipe from Vienna.

Biscuit Success: thin cakes made predominantly of meringue. Recipes vary from crisp to soft.
Types adapted from Renee Shelton, Beach Cuisines, Inc. 

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