Pan or Loaf Breads

The taller breads that are baked in pans because they need the support of the sides to maintain their shape. Included are white or whole wheat loaves made with all-purpose flour (a combination of all-purpose and whole wheat flours for whole wheat loaves), milk or water, small amounts of sugar, salt and yeast. Eggs and fat are optional ingredients. They are typically mixed using the Direct (Straight Dough) Method.

Bread dough, baked in a lidded and long square pan, called a Pullman Loaf Pan, makes a perfectly rectangular loaf that yields square slices of bread. Pullman bread makes an excellent sandwich bread or for making canapés with. A canapé is a cracker or small slices of bread or toast cut in various shapes and garnished with savory foods, such as cheese, meat, purees, foie gras, or relish.

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