Pastry or Piping Bag - How to Eliminate Messy Ones

by Premium Member, Cyndi65, Photos by Cyndi © Sarah Phillips
This is really so simple. It makes cleaning the bags so easy because all you really have to do is pull the icing pouch out. This makes is easy to do, too, if you don’t have more than one particular tip and you need to change colors using that same tip. Just make sure you squeeze the old color out before using the new color!

1. Tear off a piece of clingy plastic wrap approximately 12 inches long.
Place about 1/2 to 1 cup of icing in center of wrap.

2. Fold the side of wrap nearest you to the other side of the icing.

3. Starting from the side nearest you, roll icing until you get to the opposite edge. Lightly massage icing to get rid of any air pockets.

4. Pick up and twist, like a jump rope or peppermint wrapper, a few times.

5. Using your hand, “massage” the icing until you get one end in sort of a point.

6. Snip off end with point.

7. Now you are ready to put in bag. The narrow end should fit in the tip, or close to it. I always fold the top twisted corner down the side of my icing pouch in the bag. Some people knot it, which is good if you aren’t using a good clingy plastic wrap that stays put when twisted.

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