Parchment Paper - How to Make a Collar

Basic Cheese Soufflé RecipeSome recipes, such as our Basic Cheese Soufflé Recipe, rise taller than the rims of their pans, and need support on the way up so they don’t collapse or fall over during baking. A parchment paper collar attached to your pan helps solve this problem. Here’s how to make one:

NOTE: This recipe rises very high. You need an 8-cup soufflé dish (extra-large), best with a depth of 7 1/2-inches, otherwise the soufflé's contents will run over the side of the pan during baking. If not, prepare a stiff paper collar, making sure it will be high enough, so that the soufflé  can rise about 1 to 1/2-inches above the rim of the collar:
1. Tear off a piece of parchment paper large enough to encircle the soufflé dish and allow for a 2-inch overlap;

2. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Make a 1/2-inch fold at folded edge for additional rigidity;

3. Butter and flour the paper; and,

4. Tie the paper around the soufflé dish.

5. Lastly, spray the souffle dish and inside of the paper collar with nonstick cooking spray.

SARAH SAYS: When serving your masterpiece, leave on the paper collar when showing off your soufflé; if removed, sometimes the soufflé top falls to the side if it has risen quite high and your pan has low sides.

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