How to Make a Cone Out of Paper for Piping

Parchment Paper ConeMore than a century ago, the techniques of modern French pastry were developed. Since that time, the parchment paper cone, also called a paper cornet, has been one of the basic tools of the pastry chef, along with pastry or piping bags. It is the simplest of all tools — a triangle of parchment paper. This disposable paper cone allows you to pipe intricate designs and decorations. They are great for a one-time use.

We show you how to make a Parchment Paper Cone. Afterwards, you can fill and pipe with it. It's best to use when you need to pipe a small amount of batter, such as about 1/4 cup at a time, and need to do intricate piping.
SARAH SAYS: You can purchase parchment paper cones (or triangles). Use piping bags for larger amounts.

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1. Place a parchment triangle(I used Wilton 15-inch parchment triangles) in front of you, with point B facing you.

2. Curl point A up and under, bringing it toward you until points A and B meet.

3. Hold points A and B together with your hand, picking up point C with your other hand. Wrap point C around to meet points A and B in back.

All 3 points align to form 1 sharp point, which forms the bag's cone.

4. Hold the bag with both hands, thumbs inside, and slide points A and C in opposite directions to make an upside down "W" .
SARAH SAYS: You can also leave a tiny gap at the tip to use as an intricate piping hole.

5. Fold the points of the bag down into the bag. Tape the outside seam of the bag if desired. Do not cut the opening in the bottom of the bag until after you have filled them with batter.


6. You can now fill and pipe with your Parchment Paper Cone.

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