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Healthy Oven Applesauce Layer Cake Recipe TutorialTo sift or not to sift, that is the question! Sifting flour and dry ingredients together isn't a necessary mixing step in most recipes. Its primary purpose to to aerate the ingredients, and secondly, to blend them together. Instead, you can thoroughly blend the ingredients together with a metal spoon (not wooden because it holds moisture). You can also use a stand mixer: place all of the dry ingredients into the mixer bowl, and with a paddle attachment, turn it on low for a few seconds to mix. But, blending (mixing) ingredients together is not the same action as sifting.

SARAH SAYS: There can be a lot of confusion as to whether you sift before or after measuring. In case you forget, we indicate how to do it with all of our recipes. A cup of flour sifted before measuring will weigh 20 to 30 percent less than a cup of flour sifted after measuring, making a huge impact on your finished recipe.

MIXING STEP: Sometimes, during a mixing step, a recipe will just call for sifting the ingredients together. We use a fine mesh strainer as our sifting tool, but you can also use a sifter from the store.
1. Mix together, for example, the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. Set aside.
KELLY CA SAYS: I like to sift the dry ingredients together, after measuring, to get out any possible flour lumps.

Action shot of sifting:

This is done to aerate the fkour and/or dry ingredients when folding.

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