Cupcakes - Fill Using a Piping Bag

Lemon-Coconut Mini-Cake TutorialThere are several ways to fill a cupcake. One way is to fill the cupcake using the Cone Method. You can slice (torte) a cupcake, as we have done with our Lemon-Coconut Mini-Cakes Tutorial, and fill in between its layers.

The other way is to pipe in filling through the bottom of the cupcake using a pastry or piping bag, as we show here.

1. To fill the cooled lemon coconut cakes, insert a paring knife into the bottom center of each cake. 

Rotate it to form a hole that comes about three-fourths of the way up towards the top of the cake, making sure you don't cut through the top of the cake. 

2. Insert the pastry tip into this hole and pipe in lemon cream until the bottom of the cake begins to swell slightly. 

3. You can now frost the filled cupcake. Perhaps decorate with a Buttercream Rose Swirl on top?

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