How to Fill Cupcakes using the Cone Method

There are several ways to fill a cupcake. One way is to slice(torte) the cupcake in half or into layers, like a layer cake, and fill it, as we have done with our Lemon-Coconut Mini-Cakes Tutorial. You can also fill a cupcake through its bottom with a piping bag.

The other way is the "Cone Method" of filling cupcakes, which allows you to add a generous amount of filling into the middle of the cupcake, while still retaining its overall look. In our world, more filling is more better. smile.gif

This technique is used with the: 
"I Heart Strawberries" Cupcakes Recipe

Mother's Day Coconut Cake Tutorial

1. Hold a baked and cooled cupcake in one hand and insert a small paring knife, at an angle, about half way down into the cupcake. Cut out a cone shaped piece out of the center of each cupcake.


OR, if you are using a moist cake, like this one, you can use a melon baller to make even more room for your filling.
Do this gently, so you don't destroy your little cupcake! Set aside scraps, to eat later. 
This technique does not work well on delicate cupcakes.

2. Fill your cupcake, using a teaspoon, until the filling is almost to the top of the hollowed out section.
Alternatively, you can pipe the filling in with a piping bag.

3. Pick up the cone of cake, that you removed from the cupcake, and gently slice off the point. Place plug back on the cupcake. It is best to try to match up the plug, to the opening, so you can barely tell that it was ever cut. Just think Jack-o-Lantern lid.

4. Continue to frost as you would with any other cupcake recipe.

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