Crystallize - Ginger


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Crystallized ginger is pungent and spicy. Little nuggets of ginger, sweetened with sugar cane, can be used as a baking ingredient, to flavor a cup of tea, as a palate cleanser or simply, as a snack. If using in a recipe, mince them first. Ground ginger can be used in baking recipes of all sorts. See also Citrus - Candied Techniques
This how to baking technique is used with the Pumpkin-Walnut Cake Roll Recipe Tutorial

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2 medium sized (200g ) ginger roots
2 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons water

1. Peel ginger root and slice thinly.

2. Place ginger slices in a saucepan and add water until all of them are submerged. Cook for 30 minutes over medium heat.

3. Remove saucepan from heat. Drain the cooked ginger and remove any remaining liquid in the saucepan.
Measure the cooked ginger, which should equal about 1/2 cup and measure same amount of sugar. I added 1/2 cup sugar.
Return back the cooked ginger in the saucepan, add sugar and 3 tablespoons of water.

4. Let mixture boil and dry over medium heat.

5. Transfer crystallized ginger to a plate. Chop finely for use in the recipe. Measure the amount needed.

For long term storage, dry the ginger.
Place the crystallized ginger pieces on a parchment paper lined pan. Place the pan in a preheated 200 degrees F until the slices are almost dry but still chewy. Allow them to cool.
Store the crystallized ginger in an airtight container for up to two months.

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